So I drew this…

I’m not so great at lineart and colouring and shading and stuffs… and art.

These cuties are Sophia and Boaz. They are mine (and @hersilhouette’s).

Meh :c

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So someone said to me that you can never meet a good person off the Internet. I want to prove them wrong. Reblog if you’ve met someone from the Internet and they’ve turned out to be one of the best people to ever exist.


Many, many times. <3


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And THAT’S why I love tumblr

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I love you so much and I don’t even care how pathetically crazy this celeb crush is ;n;

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The dad cat liked to hang out in the sink by himself




it literally can not get cuter than this

I will always reblog Angry Dad Cat

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You are now more than 20.000 ! It’s crazyyy

I would like to thank you and give away prints because I love you. I’ll pick 3 random winners this Sunday (23rd June). All you have to do is 1. follow my blog - 2. like/reblog this post 

I’ll add a little original doodle with the Frozen Mermaid print + handmade stickers and a little Thank You card :)

I will send a message to the 3 winners in their ask — keep an eye open !

♡ Thank you again for the support & the super cute and sweet messages you leave in my ask ! I’m sorry I can’t reply sometimes, but I just wanted to let you know that I read everything and you guys are the best ! 

Would loooove this. The mermaid print is gorgeous and Adventure Time hnnnnnng.

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Tomodachi Life: Skaana Island Adventures

So… Kiah ended up falling for Kyle… AHHH. I’m sorry kiahpup :c BUT THEN when she went to confess to him on the beach, Nala turned up all of a sudden… and confessed to him as well WAT.

Then Kyle just stood there with that stupid face for a few minutes before choosing Kiah… and now they’re all lovey-dovey.

Kyle always gets all the girls no matter what game I play I don’t get it.

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Tomodachi Life: Skaana Island Adventures

1) PUPPPPPPY in my apartment ;u; oh and a Sil


3) Kiah performed a pop song with her awesome background dancers (Kyle was doing jazz hands at the end there)

4) I dunno what Lavi is digging for…

5) Awww.. c:

6) ….Oh. Damn you Kiah :c

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Tomodachi Life: Skaana Island Adventures

1) Apparently a new fish was discovered on the island… the Taryn Fish wtf

2) Lavi the pilot!

3) Kyle and Nala had a fight and he rejected her apology, so now she’s in her emo corner

4) Apparently Lavi impressed everyone by spinning a mince pie on his finger…

5) I’m not surprised, Kyle…

6) On the beach on our hermit island c:

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Tomodachi Life: Skaana Island Adventures

1) I beat everyone at rap battles, biyotchhh!

2) Sil wanted to show me her ‘funny face’ she’d been practicing…

3) Lavi and Kiah have the best compatibility in town… watch out Kane!

4) Nala doing yoga with that weird expression on her face..

5) A kitty came to Sil’s apartment and I came to play with it too c:

6) I’m the only one who hates Kyle? I don’t believe it!

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Mermaids don't exist.

There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.